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gINT is the leader in software for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental data management and reporting with over 7,700 licensees in 68 countries.

Datgel is an authorised reseller of gINT for regions: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, South East Asia, Hong Kong, and Macau. On occasion we sell gINT in other regions.

From point solutions to systems customized to your requirements, leverage Datgel's advanced knowledge and experience with gINT:

  • gINT add-ins
  • gINT procurement
  • gINT deployment
  • gINT configuration
  • gINT modification and customization
  • gINT systems integration and custom applications
  • gINT training courses

How can gINT Software benefit you?

  • Automatic report generation
  • Eliminate redundant and repetitive data entry
  • Eliminate human errors
  • User-friendly relational database system
  • Full database design control
  • Unlimited number of symbols and report styles
  • Choice of input modes
    • Standard spreadsheet-style mode
    • Graphical Data Input mode
gINT Professional Plus

gINT's extensive ability to be customised allows you to achieve your specific requirements.

gINT Software Products

gINT Professional Plus

SQL Server based version of gINT with all the features of gINT Pro. A centralised data storage solution for companies with large quantities of data.

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gINT Professional

Cornerstone product, nine report types including logs and sections/fences, AGS Format, powerful interrogation tools, internal CAD, inbuilt PDF creator, and VBA.

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gINT Logs

Database and entry level log production - borehole, test/trial pit, well, CPT, DCP.

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