• Add-Ins to fill the gap between gINT and your needs
  • Streamline processing, analysis and presentation of CPTu and dissipation test data
  • Complete geotechnical database system, supporting multiple logging standards and AGS Format

Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data Solutions & Reporting

Datgel provides a complete range of solutions for gINT software, from expert advice and database modification through to user training, technical support and powerful Add-Ins that extend your capabilities in reporting and analysis.
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  • CPT Tool

    Import CPT data from 18 file formats, calculate derived parameters, SBT, >100 correlations, liquefaction, shallow and deep foundations, user definable formulas. Produce CPT log, graph and section reports.
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  • DGD Tool

    Geotechnical in situ and lab result storage and reporting with AS, ASTM, BSI and NZGS logging standards. Professional edition supports AGS Format and has >300 reports.
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  • Fence and Map Tool

    Extensive range of options for reporting fences and maps, including smart features such as dynamically defined scale bars and map data marker legends.
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  • Monitoring Tool

    Stores, calculates and reports monitoring installation and results for Settlement Markers, Survey Prism, Rod Settlement Gauge, Standpipe Piezometer, Vibrating Wire Piezometer, Magnetic Extensometer and Inclinometer.
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  • Output Tool

    Automated batch output of reports to print or pdf, and generate cross-sections along an alignment.
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  • Photo Tool

    Link, organise and present a range of investigation related photos and images on gINT reports.
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  • Lab Tool

    Geotechnical and construction materials Lab Information Management System (LIMS) within gINT supporting a range of classification and compaction related tests to ISO, BSI and ASTM.
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  • Security Tool Enterprise

    Control access to SQL Server data, gINT applications and commands, tables and individual PointIDs or lab results, based on AD user name and AD groups.
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  • Processor Affinity Manager

    Allows for multi-core processing when using gINT on a Terminal Server, or if you open multiple instances of gINT on your desktop.
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  • Advanced In Situ Tool

    Stores, calculates and reports Advanced In Situ tests.
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  • gINT Professional Plus

    SQL Server based version of gINT with all the features of gINT Pro. A centralised data storage solution for companies with large quantities of data.
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  • gINT Professional

    Cornerstone product, with nine report types including logs and sections/fences, and numerous import/export formats.
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  • gINT Logs

    Database and entry level log production - borehole, test/trial pit, well, CPT, and DCP.
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  • Professional Data Management

    Choose a simple log report, or take full control of data management and consolidate your projects efficiently in one high-performance database with multi-format import, data standardisation, high-speed processing and secure centralised storage.
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  • Master gINT software in the workplace

    Datgel training courses taught by experienced geotechnical engineers provide the practical skills needed to be a confident and productive user of gINT in any real-world situation.
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