Technical Support

When you buy a Datgel product, our relationship with you is just beginning.

We provide support for Datgel products worldwide, and for gINT products we sold (with conditions) or to users that pay us for support.

You can also check out our training calendar, if there isn't a scheduled course in your city. We can arrange online or face to face training. Just call us.

  • Your initial point of call for support should be Datgel's documentation and support portal.
  • Should you require further assistance please make a support ticket or email Include a detailed description of the issue, and if relevant attach the library and project in a zip/rar/7z, and define which report and PointID/keyset we should test with.
  • For gINT support administrative details, please see our gINT support page.
  • For Datgel support administrative details, please see our Datgel support page for further information.
  • To vote on new features to be implemented in Datgel software products, please go to our Product Feedback and Voting page. You can also submit a new product feature request on this page.