Datgel Support

Datgel Support and Maintenance Information


Datgel Support and Maintenance (DSM) must be purchased with licenses, and will be aligned (prorated) to a site's existing expiry date, or will be a minimum of one year for new clients. Datgel's DSM sales team will email a renewal quotation to the client's license administration contact approximately 2 months before the rollover date of a site's DSM subscription.



Email, phone, webchat and online meeting based technical support provided during Datgel's office hours. Datgel will respond to a request made before 3 pm Singapore time by the end of the next business day.

We may request you to install or merge the latest version of the Datgel product, and we may not support obsolete versions.  This may require the purchase of an upgrade.

For office wide, country wide and international licenses, support will only be provided to one engineering employee and one IT employee.

A technical support question is either reporting a defect, or where Datgel explains to the user how to achieve a goal within the scope of the existing functionality of the software.  In the case of a how-to questions, it should not take more than 30 minutes.

DSM is not gINT support, we do not explain how to use gINT or deal with defects in gINT as part of DSM.

DSM doesn't include a service to merge new versions into a client's gINT files, nor is it an installation service.

If your issue falls outside the scope of DSM we will inform you and may offer to help on a chargeable consulting basis.

Upgrades and Patches

DSM subscribers may download the latest release version of Datgel products from the full version download page.

Obtaining Technical Support

Before contacting us please refer to the product user guide, Datgel License System User Guide, install/merge the latest version of the products, and refer to Datgel's support portalknowledge-base and product documentation. Should you require further assistance please make a support ticket, email support@datgel.com, chat on this website or call using one of our contact numbers.  When you make a ticket or email us please include a detailed description of the issue, and if relevant attach the library and project in a zip/rar/7z, and define which report and PointID/keyset we should test with.