AGS RTA Format

AGS RTA Format

Datgel developed the AGS RTA Format data transfer standard with and for the Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales, now named Roads and Maritime Services. The AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1 document may be downloaded from the RMS website .

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This page provides a number of additional resources to assist gINT Users to support this format.

White Paper - How to Implement AGS RTA in gINT - Describes different approaches to implementing AGS RTA data using gINT products.

Report - Procedures for Checking AGS RTA Data - Describes checking and review procedures for AGS RTA data.

Related Datgel Products

Datgel AGS RTA gINT Files

This product is now provided as part of the DGD Tool Professional. Includes a gINT database, correspondence files, library file with a range of high quality log reports used by the RMS.  The following Datgel tools can be used with this: CPT Tool, Fence & Map Tool, Output Tool, Photo Tool, and some features of the DGD Tool.

Datgel DGD Tool Professional

Includes RMS style logs and full support for AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1 format. Data can be imported from an AGS RTA database into DGD. More...

Datgel Point Load Test Form

Form for input and viewing of Point Load Test results for the AGS RTA gINT Database. This now only available as part of the DGD Tool, and it is possible to then use it with the AGS RMS gINT Files.