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gINT Software

gINT is the leader in software for Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental data management and reporting with over 7,700 licensees in 68 countries.

Datgel is an authorised reseller of gINT for regions: Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, South East Asia, Hong Kong, and Macau. On occasion we sell gINT in other regions.

From point solutions to systems customized to your requirements, leverage Datgel's advanced knowledge and experience with gINT:

  • gINT add-ins
  • gINT procurement
  • gINT deployment
  • gINT configuration
  • gINT modification and customization
  • gINT systems integration and custom applications
  • gINT training courses

Comparison of gINT Features

Database Backend

FeaturePro PlusProLogs
MS SQL Server 2005+
MS Access (Jet)

gINT Civil Tools

FeaturePro PlusProLogs
gINT Civil Tools - 2D/3D CAD, 2D GIS, 3D Modelling

Report Types

FeaturePro PlusProLogs
Text Tables
Graphical Tables
Text Documents
Graphical Text Documents
Site Map Reports


FeaturePro PlusProLogs
Built-in PDF Export
Databases, Excel, DXF, Raster Images
LogPlot, Winlog, HPGL 1 (Import Only)
Rockworks (Export Only)
CSV, AGS, Correspondence File Editor, XML
Contouring, EVS PGF, GEOPAK, GenIO, WinCORE (Export Only)
GEO5 Export
LandXML - Alignments, TIN Surfaces, Sitemap data


FeaturePro PlusProLogs
Database Queries in Input / Output
Write gINT Rules Code
Run gINT Rules Code


FeaturePro PlusProLogs
Geotechnical Lab Testing
General Drawings Application
Output Scripts
Compare Databases
Publish boreholes in Google Earth
Coordinate Calculation Tool
Data Export tab in Output
gINT for ArcGIS Toolbar