Trial Software

Trial Software

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Datgel Products

Datgel's products are Add-Ins to gINT, hence have gINT version 8.2 or later installed. Refer to the Datgel product user guide for further instructions.

Product Name Version Release Date Size
Administrator Tools 15 Apr 2016 21.9 MB
CPT Tool 15 Dec 2016 276.1 MB
Monitoring Tool 20 May 2016 25.7 MB
Output Tool 15 Dec 2016 32.4 MB
Photo Tool 3.1.6 20 May 2016 32.4 MB
Processor Affinity Manager 1.0.2 29 Mar 2011 6.9 MB
Security Tool 1.0.14 01 Sep 2010 8.2 MB

Please contact Datgel to obtain a trial version of: DGD Tool, Fence and Map Tool, Lab and In Situ Tool, or Compiled trial - set of gINT user files with all Datgel products merged together and installers, allowing you to evaluate all our products simultaneously which will result in an experience closer to a full version implementation of Datgel products. You will be requested to sign Datgel license contract if your organisation has not yet done so.

Bentley Systems Products

Email us to request a trial installer for gINT.

No available downloads

Golden Software Products

Product Name Version Release Date Size
Didger 5.11 88.9 MB
Grapher 12.5 27 Mar 2017 103.0 MB
MapViewer 8.5 87.2 MB
Surfer 14.2 16 Mar 2017 142.5 MB
Voxler 4.2 85.5 MB