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gINT Civil Tools


gINT Civil tools is a power product (standalone application based on the MicroStation platform) that is delivered with gINT. It allows gINT users to load gINT data in 2d models (mapping workflow for drilling plan creation and preliminary studies), as well as in 3d for subsurface interpretation and BIM workflows.

gINT Civil Tools can connect to the gINT database (Access or SQL Server) to query, display in plan, display in 3D and display in a Civil profile any borehole from the gINT database. Additionally, you can create a MicroStation terrain model representation from a selection of or all points in your project for a given type of lithology. A smoother surface may also be generated by using an interpolation algorithm that generates a smoother and more attractive terrain model.

2D Map (click for larger view)

3D Posts (click for larger view)

3D Surface Contours (click for larger view)

3D Geology Unit Surfaces (click for larger view)

For tutorial videos please refer to:


The important thing to note about licensing is you must install and use the gINT Civil Tools product level that corresponds to your licensed gINT product level. 

  • gINT Logs - doesn't have a license for gINT Civil Tools
  • gINT Professional - ensure you install and use only gINT Civil Tools Professional
  • gINT Professional Plus - ensure you install and use only gINT Civil Tools Professional Plus
When you have gINT Civil Tools open it is using a gINT License.  Having both gINT and gINT Civil Tools open at the same time on the same PC counts as one license use.

If you don't heed this you will get Quarterly Term License invoices for your use of the wrong gINT Civil Tools product level.