For Everyone

  • Use gINT to produce borehole, test pit and well logs, long sections and cross sections and site maps
  • Import or input logging data
  • Use gINT Logs on a rugged laptop to record logging data in the field
  • Import DXF site maps
  • Import, input or calculate and report lab testing results

Civil Geotechnics

  • Import CPT data directly into gINT, and calculate parameters and soil type
  • Form the geotechnical model and produce summary graphs and reports for each project unit
  • Export top of rock (or project unit data), model a grid in Surfer, import the grid file, and show multiple surfaces on a fence report

Dredging and Coastal Construction

  • Calculate and manage all reclamation in situ and lab test data
  • Manage and calculate all quarry test data
  • Query on source and destination of materials
  • Create maps of test locations in borrow and reclamation areas
  • Automate specification checks of PSD and all lab and in situ tests

Geoenvironmental - Contaminated

  • Land chain of custody forms and lab test requests
  • Import chemical results from text or Excel
  • Show chemical result on logs, fences and maps
  • Produce result tables
  • Calculate statistics and highlight results that exceed a threshold


  • Well and downhole geophysics logs
  • Well monitoring and pump test database
  • Hydrographs, and tabular reports
  • Create fence reports with well info and groundwater surfaces

Mining Geotechnics / Rock Mechanics

  • Drillhole management
  • Create detailed logs, stereographs and summary logs
  • Connect to Oracle or SQL Server

Offshore Geotechnics

  • Work offshore or in the office
  • Use one database for drilling, in situ and lab testing
  • Report all your data from one system
  • Produce logs of any page size


  • Import down hole geophysics data and produce high quality logs
  • Show downhole data on fence diagrams, together with material logs, and sections interpreted from surface surveys


  • Use gINT for ArcGIS to utilise gINT data in ArcMap
  • Link to gINT's Access database from other GIS software

Government Authorities

  • Use gINT to receive standardised electronic reporting formats from consultants and sub contractors
  • Import or back enter legacy data into gINT
  • Make the gINT data accessible on a corporate intranet or internet site