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Journal and conference papers authored by Datgel personnel.

Wade, P., Thorin, S., Swavley, T., Durham, S., Thompson, T., Development of AGS 4.1 AU Format for ground data transfe in Australia, 14th Australia and New Zealand Conference on Geomechanics, Cairns, Australia, 2 July 2023 (127kB)

Wade, P.M., In Situ Testing AGS Format 4.2 Update, The Data Management Conference, Birmingham, UK, 1 December 2022 (783kB)

Wade, P.M., Construction Phase Geotechnical Database Systems, Contamination Expo Series, London, UK, 27 September 2017 (2.7MB)

Wade, P.M., Regional and National Government Databases of Geotechnical Data and the Importance of a Standard Electronic Interchange Format, 18th Indonesian Annual National Conference on Geotechnical Engineering, Jakarta, Indonesia, 11-12 November 2014. (724KB)

Wade, P.M., Geotechnical data interchange and how to develop AGS 4.0 AU, AS 1726 Review National Committee - Australian Geomechanics Society, Sydney, 24 February 2012. (479KB)

Wade, P.M., Geotechnical data management for mega reclamation projects and an update on Geotechnical data interchange, Engineers Australia Singapore Group Geotechnical Evening, 12 January 2012. (2.4MB)

Wade, P.M., Humphreys, S.J., Electronic Interchange of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data In Australia and New Zealand, Electronic Transmission and Storage of Data- Site Investigation to Piling, The National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham, UK, 18 June 2008. (124KB)

Wade, P.M., Duffey, W.P., Bartholomeeusen, G., Geotechnical Data Management of the New Doha International Airport Platform Reclamation, 10th Australia New Zealand Conference on Geomechanics, Brisbane, October 2007. (0.9 MB)

Wade, P.M., Extended AGS Format for Road and Highways Investigations, Presentation to Meeting 2 of Joint Technical Committee 2 Representation of Geo-Engineering Data in Electronic Form, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK, 9 September 2006. (938KB)

Caronna, S and Wade, P.M., Problems with Using the AGS Format as a Working Database Structure, AGS Format Conference, Birmingham, UK, 19 October 2005. (561KB)


These technical papers provide insight into new and existing geotechnical and geoenvironmental data management issues related to technologies used by Datgel.

Wade, P.M, White Paper AGS RTA Format, December 2006. (354KB) Describes different approaches to implementing AGS RTA data using gINT products.

Wade, P.M., Cho, A., Procedures for Checking AGS RTA Data, March 2009. (686kB) Describes checking and review procedures for AGS RTA data.