DGD Tool

DGD Tool 3

The complete gINT system for geotechnical in situ and lab result storage and reporting, including logs for boreholes, test pits, DCPs and vibrocores, and a large range of summary graphs, histograms, fence, table, and map reports.  The best gINT can be, without you spending years developing it for yourself.

Version 3 New Features

  • Single User Hardware Key support for Win 8, Win 8.1 and Server 2012.
  • .NET 4.5 and code optimisation.
  • Incorporates products formally known as LAS Tool, Datcol Tool, Survey Tools, Excel Export Tool, and aspect of Security Tool and Import Tool.
  • Full support for AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1.
  • More log, graph and histogram reports.

Key Features

  • Longer, understandable table and field names.
  • Support for AGS 3.1, AGS 3.1 RTA 1.1, AGS 4, AGS 4 NZ.
  • AS, ASTM, BSI and NZGS logging standards and component description; can support all of these using one library and data template, hence one system can be used in many countries using different standards.
  • Over 300 reports for in situ and lab reporting: log (43), fence (4), summary graph (246), histogram (7), table reports (3), and maps (2).
  • DLL Program with wide range of features.


  • Logs Edition - entry level product ideal for user with gINT Logs, or for field data collection using gINT.  Only log reports and program features directly related to logging are included.  AGS format support not included.
  • Professional Edition - has all features.