Monitoring Tool

Monitoring Tool

Now you can link your monitoring data with the rest of your subsurface data and manage it in one complete database.

The Datgel Monitoring Tool gINT Add-In will improve the recording, interpretation and reporting capabilities for groundwater and displacement monitoring.

Key Benefits

  • Replace oversized excel worksheets with an off the shelf database solution
  • Store monitoring info in a central database
  • Automate monthly reporting, together with the Datgel Output Tool
  • Present geology data beside monitoring results

Features in Summary

  • Installation construction details for each instrument type
  • Automatic calculation of the monitored results
  • Select base readings
  • Automatic calculation of the change from the base reading and between each reading
  • Consistency through reporting on standard forms
  • Support for US Customary/English and Metric/SI units
  • 81 reports, in A4/A3 and Letter/11x17 page sizes

Instruments Included


  • Professional includes all instruments
  • Piezometer includes Standpipe and Vibrating Wire Piezometer