Advanced In Situ Tool

Datgel Advanced In Situ Tool

Stores, calculates and reports Lugeon Water Test / Packer Test and Zone Load Test.


Key Features

  • Use a database and validated calculations, rather than hundreds of spreadsheets.  Results will be in the same location as other field data, and can be immediately presented on logs.  
  • Shares a database structure with the DGD Tool, hence you can store data for Laboratory, Site Investigation, In Situ Testing and Instrumentation in one database.  It can be merged into any database structure.
  • Used with the DGD Tool you can import and export of AGS 3.1 and AGS 4 Format.
  • Calculation of results from raw readings.
  • Reports the test results individually according to the test method requirements.

Lugeon Water Test / Packer Test

  • Permeability test calculations according Houlsby 1976.
  • Field data by Fixed Time (option for 1 min and 5 min intervals) or Fixed Volume.
  • Calculation of Lugeon Unit and Hydraulic Conductivity.
Lugeon Water Test

Lugeon Water Test
Example Lugeon Test

Zone Load Test

The Lab and In Situ Tool includes the calculations of the Zone Load Test described in the ICE Geotechnical Engineering Group Specification for Ground Treatment, 1987.
In Situ Tests - ZLT
Example Average Settlement and Load versus Time report