3:44:36 AM Thursday, 19 March 2020

You may wish to work with gINT and Datgel software from outside your office. Sure you could work with the library and project locally on your laptop, but that is only useful if you don't need to live share the database with others.

If you do want to share the database with others real time at a usable speed, it normally can't be done over a VPN file share.

Datgel uses a Windows Server with remote desktop services, hosted in Microsoft Azure (Cloud). This first server has gINT and Datgel software installed, also has other apps like MS Office. We have a second server hosting SQL Server. Our team members remote into this server to use gINT, working with the live shared gint library and project databases - both Access and SQL Server. As our user count increases we can increase the VM size to have more CPU and RAM. We use the Datgel processor Affinity manager to distribute the gINT processes across the CPU cores. You would need a VPN to a physical computer that hosts Datgel's Network license usb keys.

Datgel can assist with setting up a system described above.