DGD Tool - DCP

DGD Tool

The complete gINT system for geotechnical in situ and lab result storage and reporting, including logs for boreholes, test pits, DCPs and vibrocores, and a large range of summary graphs, histograms, fence, table, and map reports.  The best gINT can be, without you spending years developing it for yourself.

DGD Tool  - Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP)


  • The DGD Tool supports the calculation of DCP tests according AS 1289.6.3.2-1997, AS 1289.6.3.3-1997, BS 1377-9:1990:3.2 and RTA T161
  • Allows data entry by Depth or data entry by Blows
  • Calculates the Insitu CBR and the Allowable Bearing Capacity
  • Includes 3 reports to print the results

Example DCP with Material Description report 

Example DCP 3 Per Page report 

Example DCP report