DGD Tool - Downhole Geophysics

DGD Tool

The complete gINT system for geotechnical in situ and lab result storage and reporting, including logs for boreholes, test pits, DCPs and vibrocores, and a large range of summary graphs, histograms, fence, table, and map reports.  The best gINT can be, without you spending years developing it for yourself.

DGD Tool - Downhole Geophysics

The DGD Tool  imports LAS data into your gINT database, which gives your data access to many functionalities and benefits in gINT. By using the DGD Tool, you can save time involved in the tedious task of manipulating LAS data in excel or a text editor before importing it into gINT, as well as minimise errors and inaccuracies.

Currently, the Files support LAS Version 2.0. We can develop a correspondence file to match the LAS data with your existing gINT database, or we can provide you with a gINT database.


The tool also include 2 example gINT log reports.

Example Well Log report 

Example Well Log with Geotechnical data report