CPT Tool - CPT Logs

CPT Tool

The most user-definable Cone Penetration Testing software available.

Work without limits as you define which types of soil data to present in log, fence, cross-section and graph reports.

  • Define correlation formulas and reports
  • 200+ Preconfigured correlations and derivations
  • 600+ customisable log, fence/cross-section and graph reports

CPT Tool places advanced reporting directly in the hands of geotechnical engineers with code-free report definition and an array of formula configurations, analysis and report options unmatched in cone penetration testing.

Speed up soil data interpretation with rich-data visualisation in any situation, adapting reporting output to changing requirements and conditions across projects.

CPT Tool - CPT Logs

A range of sophisticated log reports are included. All reports include options to:

  • Control plot scales in numerous ways; either set minimum and maximum values, or have the Tool automatically find the maximum value in a PointID or Project and round up to the nearest number e.g. 5 or 10
  • Control number of major divisions on log plots
  • Easily define line and data marker types, colours and thickness from INPUT
  • Display of design lines
  • Display lines across the log identifying sea water level, seabed level, natural original level below a reclamation
  • Control number of metres per page
  • Display qc or qt moving average, stepped average, and strata average
  • Control the min and max scales
  • Easily define text height of column headers
  • Options for legend in the column header

Dynamic Log Reports for Analysis

  • A4, A3, Letter, and 11x17 paper sizes
  • At output time select up to 10 columns to display on the logs, and optionally define the column widths

Comparison Logs for Ground Improvement

  • Display two CPT PointIDs on one log report with data related by elevation
  • Applicable to ground improvement and reclamation projects

Fixed Log Reports for Mass Production

  • A4, A3, Letter, and 11x17 paper sizes
  • A range of reports for CPT, CPTU and SCPT

Example Dynamic log 

Example Fixed CPT material log 

Example CPT QC ONLY Log Report 

Example Comparison log report

Example Seismic Cone log report