CPT Tool - Import Formats

CPT Tool

The most user-definable Cone Penetration Testing software available.

Work without limits as you define which types of soil data to present in log, fence, cross-section and graph reports.

  • Define correlation formulas and reports
  • 200+ Preconfigured correlations and derivations
  • 600+ customisable log, fence/cross-section and graph reports

CPT Tool places advanced reporting directly in the hands of geotechnical engineers with code-free report definition and an array of formula configurations, analysis and report options unmatched in cone penetration testing.

Speed up soil data interpretation with rich-data visualisation in any situation, adapting reporting output to changing requirements and conditions across projects.

CPT Tool - Import Formats

The Datgel CPT Tool natively supports a range of common CPT data file formats. Where applicable our Tool also imports dissipation test data.

Users can customise the gINT import correspondence files to control which field and table data imports to.

Choose to import 1 file, multiple files or a folder of files.

Supported import file formats include:

  • A.P. van den Berg Gorilla!
  • Access
  • AGS 3.1, 3.1 RTA 1.1, 4.0.4, 4.1.1, 4.1.1 AU 1.2, Orsted AGS4+
  • ConeTec (*.COR)
  • Datem Neptune (*.CDF)
  • Douglas Partners
  • GEF 1.1.0 and 1.0.0
  • Geomil PlotCPT (*.txx)
  • Geo-Explorer (*.csv)
  • Geo-Explorer v2 (*.001;*.101;*.D01;*.L01)
  • gINT CSV
  • gINT Excel
  • Gregg Drilling (*.COR)
  • Hogentogler (*.CPD)
  • Hogentogler (*.txt)
  • Pagani (*.CPT)
  • Pagani (*.DAT)
  • Pagani CPTU-ACQ (*.CPT)
  • Pagani TGSA08 (*.CSV)
  • ProbeDrill
  • Simple delimited Depth qc fs u
  • Swedish Geotechnical Data Format (SGF) - Geotech AB and Envi AB
  • Vertek (*.ECP)

Upon request we will develop import functions for commonly used file formats.