CPT Tool - Liquefaction Assessment

CPT Tool

The most user-definable Cone Penetration Testing software available.

Work without limits as you define which types of soil data to present in log, fence, cross-section and graph reports.

  • Define correlation formulas and reports
  • 200+ Preconfigured correlations and derivations
  • 600+ customisable log, fence/cross-section and graph reports

CPT Tool places advanced reporting directly in the hands of geotechnical engineers with code-free report definition and an array of formula configurations, analysis and report options unmatched in cone penetration testing.

Speed up soil data interpretation with rich-data visualisation in any situation, adapting reporting output to changing requirements and conditions across projects.

CPT Tool - Liquefaction Assessment

The Datgel CPT Tool is designed to assess liquefaction related correlations based on these primary references:

  • Boulanger, R.W. and Idriss, I.M. (2014), CPT and SPT Based Liquefaction Triggering Procedures, Report No. UCD/CGM-14/01
  • Idriss, I.M. and Boulanger, R.W. (2008). Soil liquefaction during earthquakes, Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, MNO-12
  • Jefferies, M.G. and Been K (2006). Soil liquefaction - A critical state approach, Taylor & Francis
  • Kayen, R., Moss, R.E.S., Thompson, E.M., Seed, R.B., Cetin, K.O., Der Kiureghian, A., Tanaka, Y. and Tokimatsu, K. Shear-Wave Velocity–Based Probabilistic and Deterministic Assessment of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Potential
  • Robertson, P.K. and Wride, C.E. (1998). Evaluating cyclic liquefaction potential using the cone penetration test (also known as NCEER 2001)

Our tool supports the procedure defined by New Zealand Department of Building and Housing, Interim guidance for repairing and rebuilding foundations in Technical Category 3, Appendix C to the Guidance Document: Revised guidance on repairing and rebuilding houses affected by the Canterbury earthquake sequence (December 2012)

Calculated Parameters

  • Earthquake design groundwater depth and fill surcharge, resulting design effective stress profile
  • State Parameter
  • Fines Content, and user definable fines content profile
  • Ic and Stress Exponent n calculated with iterations
  • Clean-Sand Equivalent Normalised Cone Resistance
  • Cyclic Resistance Ratio (CRR)
  • Cyclic Stress Ratio (CSR)
  • Factor of Safety (FoS)
  • Liquefaction Potential Index
  • Liquefaction Severity Number
  • Overburden Correction Factor CN and qc1N calculated with iterations
  • Residual Shear Strength (Sr)
  • Maximum Shear Strain
  • Lateral Displacement Index, LDI
  • Post Liquefaction Volumetric Strain
  • Post Liquefaction Reconsolidation Settlement, S
  • Thin Layer Correction, calculated for reference


Example Liquefaction Log Report 

Example Liquefaction Log Report 

Example Liquefaction Been and Jefferies 1992  Graph

Example Liquefaction Zhang et al. 2002 Graph