Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project


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Ras Laffan Port Expansion Project Geotechnical Database

Client Name

Jan De Nul Dredging Ltd and Boskalis Westminster Middle East Ltd. / Qatar Petroleum


Ras Laffan, Qatar



Technology Employed

gINT Professional Version 7 and 8, and VB.Net

Project Description

The Ras Laffan Port is the world's largest energy port. The geotechnical QC testing involved more than 15000 CPT and 15000 lab tests and due to this, a powerful data management system was required.

Datgel was commissioned by the JV Jan de Nul/Boskalis Middle East in the early stages of construction to develop an in situ and laboratory testing gINT geotechnical data management system. Datgel installed the first version system and trained the lab and engineering personnel in May 2006, and will continue to support and maintain the system for the duration of the project.

RAS Laffan CPT Input TableRAS Laffan CPT Report

The system incorporates more than 100 database tables, 50 gINT reports and has the following features:

  • Lab testing for soil, aggregates, and quarry products. Twenty tests are supported, and all are reported by gINT with most of the calculations performed within the gINT database.
  • RAS Laffan Dynamic CompactionIn situ testing and sampling of:
    • CPT - importing GEF data, and parameter calculations
    • Trial Pit / Test Pit
    • Borehole
    • In Situ Density
    • DCP
  • Monitoring - Settlement Markers
  • General Features
    • Lab and field test scheduling
    • Lab sample storage tracking
    • Automatic specification checks
    • Automatic calculation of the natural ground elevation prior to construction
    • User rights and security
    • Coordinate calculation based on chainage, offset and alignment data
    • Site maps
    • Fence diagrams
    • Summary graphs, tables, and histograms
    • Queries and link to excel
  • Export of MapInfo MIF/MID to summarise the CPT test result status for construction areas

Compaction Database - Datgel developed a .net windows application to manage the compaction machine daily reports. This allowed the users to see in a tabular interface how many passes the compaction machines had made on each 10 x 30 m area, and export this information to an MIF/MID file for visualisation with other project data in MapInfo.

Project Summary

  • Main Contractor: JV Jan de Nul/Boskalis RAS Laffan Lab Test
  • Development of Geotechnical Data Management System utilising gINT Professional
  • Custom Development of Reports Lab testing and in situ testing lab calculations using gINT Rules and VB.net
  • Monitoring, scheduling, and tracking
  • System to manage and visualise compaction progress and in situ QC testing
  • User Training
  • On-going support and maintenance