Datgel Lab Tool Rock

Datgel Lab Tool

The Datgel Lab Tool gINT Add-in is a geotechnical and construction materials Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) within gINT.

Rock Tests

The Lab and In Situ Tool includes the following calculations:

Point Load

  • ISRM

Uniaxial Compressive Strength (UCS)

  • ASTM D7012-14
  • ASTM 2938-95 and ASTM D 3148
  • BS EN 1926:2006
  • ISRM Part II:1979:9.1
  • AS 4133.4.2.2-2013

In addition, the Lab and In Situ Tool includes the reports for the following test:
  • Drop Test
  • Length to Thickness Ratio
  • Weight Distribution (including specification check)
Rock Tests - PLT
Example Point Load Test report
Rock - UCS
Example UCS report
Rock - Weight Distribution
Example Weight Distribution report
Rock Tests - Drop Test
Example Drop Test report