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Datgel Lab Tool

The Datgel Lab Tool gINT Add-in is a geotechnical and construction materials Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) within gINT.

Chemical Tests

Test methods for the determination of the amount of chemical substances in samples of soil and ground water. The Lab and In Situ Tool includes the following calculations:

Chloride Content

  • BS 1377:3:1990:7.2 , BS 1377-3:1990:7.3, BS812-117:1988

Sulphate Content

  • BS 1377:3:1990:5, BS812-118:1988

Suspended Solids / Dissolved Solids

  • BS1377-3:1990:8, BS EN 872:2005

Carbonate Content

  • ASTM D 4373-02(2007)
  • BS 1377-3:1990:6.3

Mass Loss on Ignition

  • BS 1377-3:1990:4
Chemical Tests - Carbonate Content
Example Carbonate Content report
Chemical Tests - Chloride Content
Example Chloride Content report