Datgel and AGS Data Format 4.1

Datgel and AGS 4.1.1 and 4.1.1 AU 1.2 Format

Datgel is serious about AGS Format. Our first project was to create a customised version of AGS Format for the NSW RTA, and from there all our software have been designed with AGS Format in mind. The tradition continues in 2022+ with our founder Phil Wade being an active member of both the AGS (UK) Data Format working group and the Australian Geomechanics Society Data Format working group, and our platinum sponsorship of the AGS 4.1 Launch webinar.

How can Datgel help you support AGS 4.1.1 Format?

First you need gINT Professional or gINT Professional Plus, and Datgel can sell licenses to you that include technical support from us for the first year.

Second, you need to select the Datgel gINT Add-Ins that match your data types:

Need more help?

Register on our website, place an information requestdownload trial packages and refer to our online documentation.

Watch the recorded webinars and how to videos on our YouTube channel.

Line up a web meeting with one of our Application Engineers.

How to place an order?

You can place an order through our webstore and pay via credit card or bank transfer.  Alternatively, ask us for a quotation via email.