Datgel Photo Tool

Photo Tool - Version 3.1

The Datgel Photo Tool gINT Add-In makes it quick and easy to link, organise and print core box photos, test pit photos, surface photos, sketches and more.

Example 4 Pictures per Page report (click for pdf)

Example 2 Pictures per Page report (click for pdf)

Detail Recovered Core Defet Sketch

Version 3.1 New Features

  • User definable end of PointID flag - user can now change the flag character from "_" to one of a list of options
  • Image Depth Format - more easily configure the number of digits in depths used in image file names
  • New report Letter page sizes
  • Option to control the logo in reports using the new field Office in Project table
  • Single User Hardware Key support for Win 8, Win 8.1 and Server 2012
  • .NET 4.5 and code optimisation
  • AGS RTA database structure no longer supported

Version 3.0 New Features

  • The Tool now supports gINT Professional Plus SQL Server databases, as well as Access databases
  • New field to support SQL Server: PROJECT.Parent_Initial_Image_Folder; Optional for Access, required for SQL Server.  It stores the parent folder/directory path containing the sub-folders of images
  • Reports now accept Image Number with Alphanumeric strings, and will order photos
  • File naming validation reported when linking images, including:
    • File extension
    • Non-existent PointIDs
    • Depth > Bottom
    • Depth or Bottom > Hole Depth
  • User definable order of Image Types in combo box on Photo Tool form
  • Library reporting code optimised and reorganised

The Add-In Form

The Add-In form is launched from within gINT and is used to link images to the project file.

Image types in either *.jpg or *.bmp format that can be selected are:

  • Core Box
  • Core "sticks" or lengths of recovered core
  • Downhole Images
  • Field Sketches (e.g. scanned sketches of a test pit face of an exposure)
  • General images or sketches
  • Images of samples
  • Test Pit or exposure images
  • Vibrocore Photos
  • Sketches of recovered core (e.g. sketches of the defects within the recovered core)


The tool also includes a range of gINT Reports in A4 and Letter page sizes:

  • Log report showing a downhole image by depth
  • Graphic Table reports for Core Box photos showing 1, 2 or 4 images per page
  • Graphic Table reports for Sample photos showing 1 or 2 images per page
  • Graphic Table reports for Test Pit photos showing 1 or 2 images per page
  • Graphic Table reports for Vibrocore photos showing 1 or 2 images per page

The Log report has been provided as an example so that it can be copied to an existing gINT report to show the linked downhole images on the existing Log report. The Graphic Table reports are all equipped with a standardised title block, making them instantly useable.

The identification and description information that appears beneath the photos on the Graphic Table reports is fully configurable by the user.