Output Tool

Output Tool 3

The Datgel Output Tool enables the user to create output configurations of multiple reports in a user friendly interface, save and recall configurations, and print or pdf the reports.  It also can generate cross-section fences reports along an alignment. The tool saves hours on moderate sized projects, and weeks on larger projects.

Version 3 New Features

  • Support for enterprise database / SQL Server
  • Single User Hardware Key support for Win 8, Win 8.1 and Server 2012
  • .NET 4.5 and code optimisation
  • Incorporates the Fence Output Tool (formally known as the Fence Generator Tool)
  • Drawing Export
  • Additional Specification line - free text added at the end of the Spec section of the script
The Add-in form (click for larger view)

Key Features

  • Configure and output (PDF, Raster, Preview or Print) multiple reports grouped by Key Set (PointID, Sample etc.), by each Report, or by Range Filter (such as geology code/unit)
  • Work with single and multiple gINT projects
  • Most gINT output options are configurable
  • Multiple configurations may be saved and recalled, and may be stored in the Project, Library, User (current user on local PC), or Computer (all users on local PC); Further, configurations may be imported and exported to XML
  • Assign User Report Variable values to all reports in a configuration
  • Improved Range Filter configuration
  • The enhanced PDF Bookmark grid allows you to define dynamic multi-branch hierarchies; The options include Key Set, Report Information and Range Filter information
  • Increment figure numbers
  • GDW Export allowing for the output of multiple reports to one page
  • Fence Output Tool
    • Full user control of scales, extents, cross section intervals etc.
    • Output 1, 2 4 or more fence frames per page, with automatic page numbering
    • Save and recall configurations - automatically saved in the project file