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Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Data Solutions & Reporting

Datgel provides a complete range of solutions for gINT software, from expert advice and database modification through to user training, technical support and powerful add-ons that extend your capabilities in reporting and analysis.

Borehole, test pit and well log reports gINT Logs
Fence / cross-section and map reports gINT Professional
Geotechnical instrumentation software gINT Professional Plus
Core and test pit photo presentation 3D visualisation with gINT
Automated gINT printing and PDF generation Geotechnical analysis and design software

Professional Data Management

Choose a simple log report, or take full control of data management and consolidate your projects efficiently in one high-performance database with multi-format import, data standardisation, high-speed processing and secure centralised storage.

Intelligent Report Design

Fast-track analytical insights with the widest range of reporting options in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering available now through Datgel’s highly commended suite of gINT add-ons.

Access user-defined reporting, pre-configured calculations, 100s of pre-defined reports and rich-data visualisation in 2D and 3D. Re-use the same data more efficiently in lab reports, borehole logs, fence diagrams and more.

Master gINT software in the workplace

Datgel training courses taught by experienced geotechnical engineers provide the practical skills needed to be a confident and productive user of gINT in any real-world situation.

Datgel DGD gINT Files 2

The complete gINT system for geotechnical in situ and lab result storage and reporting, and also the native database for Datgel's tools.

  • It has long understandable table and field names
  • Support for AGS 3.1, AGS 4 and AGS 4 NZ
  • AS, BSI and NZGS component description
  • >250 log, summary graph, histogram, and table reports for lab and field testing
  • DLL program with SPT, core, point load, soil classification and borehole related validation calculations only

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Datgel CPT Tool 3 gINT Add-In

  • Support for English, SI and user definable units
  • Import CPT data from 16 file formats, now with Vertek ECP, Gregg Drilling COR & Datem Neptune
  • Calculate derived parameters, e.g. qt, Bq...
  • >100 preconfigured design parameter correlations and user-definable correlation formulas
  • Liquefaction and pile capacity
  • Soil behaviour type correlations:
    Robertson (1990), Robertson et al. (1986), Ramsey (2002), Schneider et al. (2008), and Schmertmann (1978)
  • Dynamic user definable log, fence and graph reports
  • User definable line colours, types and scales
  • Dissipation test analysis
  • Seismic cone presentation
  • Multi-threaded calculation & supports SQL Server

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Datgel Output Tool 2 gINT Add-In

The Output Tool version 2 brings a new dimension to gINT Output, by allowing you to batch output reports from an easy to use interface - significantly improving work flow and efficiency.

  • Automatically output non-cored/soil log and cored logs grouped by PointID
  • Automatically output many reports to one page - uses gdw export
  • Replace complex multi-step script files with an easy to use grid interface

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