Voxler by Golden Software

Explore the world of three-dimensional visualisation!

Voxler takes your raw, complex data and models it in a rich, interactive, visual environment. With an intuitive easy-to-use user interface, you will quickly visualise, evaluate, investigate, and examine y our data.

Take advantage of Voxler's power!

Display your data in an unprecedented variety of 3D images, including volume rendering, isosurfaces, contours, three dimensional slices, orthographic and oblique images, scatter plots, stream lines, and vector plots. Importing your data into Voxler is no problem. Voxler's powerful data loader will speedily read your data and allow you to easily filter out anomalies or areas you want to eliminate. Interactively manipulate your data while simultaneously viewing the results.

You have complete control of the primary and intermediate calculations on your data set, producing the most accurate image possible. Voxler's gridding is based on Golden Software's renowned advanced gridding algorithms and techniques. Voxler's equation analyser is unparalleled in functionality and superior features. All of Voxler's user-friendly tools are available whether visualising an equation or random data.

Data analysis can be hard, but with Voxler it's easy!

Complex data sets are easy to understand and interpret when you display them in Voxler. Effortlessly rearrange your image's components. Rotate, slice, and dissect your data's image in real-time by simply dragging your mouse. Voxler's intuitive, powerful Window's interface hastens your start-up, leaving you plenty of time for visualising your data. Voxler will help you increase your understanding of complex data sets allowing simplified decision making. Voxler has been designed to handle your largest data sets.

Intuitive, interactive, and informative interpretation!

See the relationships buried deep within your data, unhindered by irrelevant points. Intelligent default settings bring the objective into view in a flash. Easily control the transparency of the entire plot or portions of it, based on the magnitude of the data. Personalise Voxler with a multitude of settings for repetitively, clearly, and concisely illustrating your data. Voxler provides easy access and recall to the most frequently used features and settings.

Voxler has been developed by the industry's best programmers, document writers, and technicians, producing a warranted bug free, speedy, dynamic, powerful 3D visualisation tool. Voxler is designed for the Windows platform only, avoiding the inherent slowness and complications of multiple platforms.

Who should use Voxler:

  • Geoscientists with 3D data from drill holes, petrography, seismic studies, and remote sensing surveys.
  • Environmental Professionals with 3D data from groundwater and soil contaminant studies.
  • Engineers with 3D data showing parameters distributed throughout the volume of an object.
  • Engineers dealing with the visualisation of computational fluid dynamics.
  • Geo-Statisticians needing to illustrate reservoir characterisations.
  • Anyone who wishes to see the distribution of 3D data.
Voxler OutputVoxler Output

Combine images showing the ground surface, boreholes, and iridium concentration values for a dazzling presentation.