Surfer Features:

New In Version 12:

  • Reverse X or Y Axis Direction
  • Use Data in Date/Time Format
  • Logarithmic Z Scale
  • Download Online Maps
  • Save SRF files in Surfer 11 Format
  • Export Map and Drawn Objects in One Step
  • Post Map Enhancements
  • Change the Units of Measure
  • New Line Styles
  • Change the Watershed Basin Line Properties
  • Change Contour Label Font/Format in Property Manager
  • Edit Boundaries
  • Add Buffer Around Convex Hull when Gridding
  • Export Contours and Save Z value
  • Increased Resolution for Image Maps
  • Create and Load Larger Grids
  • More Paper Sizes
  • New Import/Export Formats
  • New Coordinate Systems, Datums and Ellipsoid

Reverse X or Y Axis Direction

Reverse the direction of the X or Y axis with a simple click of a button! It is easy to show descending data, such as depth data, in the correct orientation without modifying your data.

Use Data in Date/Time Format

Visualize your data with respect to time! Surfer 12 supports dates and times as valid data. This means you can use dates and times as a data variable for gridding, for creating post maps, and you can format data in the worksheet or text labels in multiple date and time formats.

Grid and Display Maps with Logarithmic Z Scale

Effectively display Z data that range over several orders of magnitude! You can grid data taking the log of the Z value prior to gridding, choose to have logarithmically scaled contour levels, or have logarithmic scaling applied to the color scale. This is extremely useful when your data file has extreme data ranges, such as concentration data where the Z values can span multiple orders of magnitude (i.e. >1 to <20000).

Download Free Online Maps

More information is now at your fingertips. Download image layers from hundreds of free online Web Map Services (WMS) through Surfer's new, integrated WMS browser. Connect to online data sources, pick the layers of interest you want to download, and Surfer seamlessly downloads and imports the images into your projects.

Save SRF files in Surfer 11 Format

Be compatible with your colleagues! If you have Surfer 12 and they have not upgraded yet, you can still share your project with them by saving it in Surfer 11 format so they can open it.

Export Map and Drawn Objects in One Step

Save time! Exporting map and non-map objects just got a lot easier. No more complicated two-step export process. Now, simply specify the map as the scaling source when exporting your entire project to a vector or georeferenced image file&acirc;&euro;&ldquo; it&acirc;&euro;&trade;s that easy!

Take Advantage of the Post Map Enhancements

Create your post maps the way you want them! Many new enhancements have been made to post and classed post maps so that you can create the map you envision. Add multiple labels to points, connect the points with a line, and use the symbol color as the label font color, just to name a few.
Post maps also offer the ability to color the symbols using a column in the data file of either numeric values (and you can choose a color gradient to apply to the data range) or discrete color names. Classed post maps offer the option to apply a color gradient to the symbols, apply a gradational size to the symbols, and set the symbol properties for all symbols at once.
Creating just the right map of your point locations is better than ever!

Change the Units of Measure

Get the data you need in the units you want. When measuring lengths and areas on a projected map, you can easily change the units of measure! For example, if your map is in UTM meters, you can measure an area and report the perimeter length in feet and the area in square miles!

Use one of the New Line Styles

Customize your map! Surfer 12 includes over 160 new line styles to help you customize your map to its fullest potential.

Change the Watershed Basin Line Properties

See your basin boundaries better. Change the line properties and make the lines thicker, a different color, or a different style.

Format Contour Labels

Quickly and easily change contour label properties so your map looks its best! Set the contour map label font and format properties in the Property Manager when using the Simple level method.

Edit your Boundaries

Surfer&acirc;&euro;&trade;s giving you more flexibility than ever to edit your boundaries to look their best. New geoprocessing tools allow you to simplify polylines and polygons to remove extraneous bends or vertices while preserving essential shape, or smooth them to improve aesthetic or cartographic quality.

Blank the Grid around a Buffered Convex Hull

Include all your data points in the grid. Blank the grid outside the convex hull of the data, but add a buffer inside or outside the convex hull to be sure all data points and areas around them are within the gridded boundary.

Save Z Values of Contour Lines When Export

Export all your data! Export a contour map to MIF, SHP, GSB, GSI, BLN or BNA file formats and the Z values are stored as metadata. In addition, when exporting a contour map to KML file, the Z values of the contours are saved as the Object ID for the polyline objects.

Visualize Increased Resolution for Image Maps

See all the details of your image map. The number of colors used to display images maps has been significantly increased from 256 colors to up to 16 million colors, allowing smaller color variations to be discernible.

Use Larger Grids

Create and load grids with up to 2 billion grid nodes! Your computer will run out of memory before you can find a grid that is too large to load in Surfer.

More Paper Sizes

Work more efficiently! Larger paper sizes were added to the list of predefined sizes under Page Setup. You no longer have to manually customize larger sizes like A0, A1 or A2.

Utilize Increased File Compatibility

Take advantage of the newly available or enhanced import and export formats!

Import formats:

  • AutoCAD DXF (as data)
  • Excel Spreadsheet, XLSM
  • PDF, GeoPDF
  • SEG-P1 (as data or base map)
  • JPEG2000
  • NetCDF grids
  • SRTM HGT grids
  • Multi-tiled ADF grids
  • Compressed Geosoft grids

Export formats:

    • Z value is saved as metadata to MIF/MID, SHP/DBF, GSB, GSI, BLN, BNA with File | Export
    • KML/KMZ Export:
    • - Export contours to KML, and Z value is the Object ID for each line in the KML

      - Export each layer in map to its own folder in the KML/KMZ

      - Export one GIF for the same symbol

  • Transparent GIF
  • Transparent PNG
  • GeoPDF
  • JPEG2000
  • SEG-P1
  • NetCDF grids
  • SVG

Select a Newly Added Coordinate System, Datum or Ellipsoid

Coordinate Systems

  • Australia New South Wales ISG (Integrated Survey Grid), 7 new zones
  • Australian grid, 37 new coordinate systems were added
  • Europe UTM zone 29N using European 1950 - Port./Spain datum
  • Hartebeesthoek / Lo, 10 new zones
  • Idaho Transverse Mercator 1927 (IDTM27)
  • Idaho Transverse Mercator 1983 (IDTM83)
  • Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM)
  • NZGD2000, 28 new circuits
  • Portuguese National Grid, Greenwich Meridian
  • Portuguese National Grid, Lisbon Meridian
  • Portuguese National Grid, Lisbon Meridian (zero easting/northing)
  • POSGAR94, 7 new zones
  • POSGAR98, 7 new zones
  • SVY21
  • SWEREF99, 12 new local zones
  • SWEREF99/RT90, 6 new emulation zones


  • IRENET95
  • Lisbon 1937 (Lisbon Meridian)
  • NWS-84
  • Posiciones Geodesicas Argentinas 1994 (WGS84 base)
  • Posiciones Geodesicas Argentinas 1998 (WGS84 base)
  • SVY21 (WGS84 base)
  • SWEREF99