Mapviewer by Golden Software

Unsurpassed Mapping Flexibility

MapViewer is a powerful thematic mapping and spatial analysis software package that allows you to easily produce publication-quality maps. MapViewer gives you the ability to visualise and analyse the geographic distribution of your data to improve decision making and enhance presentations.

Use MapViewer to:

  • Outline marketing strategies.
  • Understand demographics.
  • Track population trends.
  • Teach cartography.
  • Display any geographically distributed data.

MapViewer is easy to learn and use, so you do not have to be a mapping expert to create stunning thematic maps! MapViewer comes with a complete tutorial that shows you the basics of creating thematic maps and introduces some of MapViewer's mapping utilities. Within minutes learn how to create, edit, and print illustrative maps.

MapViewer helps you to present your data in the most informative ways possible and is designed to easily adapt your maps to meet your specific needs.

Bring Your Geographic Data into Focus:

  • Easily map and analyse all of your data.
  • Customise your presentation the way you want.
  • Straight forward and powerful scripting included.
  • Unlimited data per map, unlimited maps per page.
  • Edit and update your maps interactively on the fly.
  • Utilise MapViewer's full projection library.