7:17:37 AM Sunday, 28 January 2018

Factors that control the speed of gINT report generation and navigation speed include:

  1. CPU Speed on pc running gINT.
  2. Enough RAM on pc running gINT.  Note, gINT is a 32 bit program hence can only use 4GB, so no point having more than 8GB.  Fast RAM too.
  3. Speed of access from the gINT program to the Library and Project.  The best response will be files stored on a local drive.  Also, ensure you have a gigabit network and a fast drive storing the library and project.
  4. Unique access to the project and library.  Access databases slow down as more users have them open.
  5. Report complexity will slow output down.  Ensure your report code is not generating errors and doesn't have calculations happening on every line, e.g. calculating something for every reading of a CPT.
  6. With SQL Server, I have seen very large transaction log files slow gINT down, also lack of RAM on the SQL Server host.  Same issues above apply.