gINT Frequently Asked Questions

How does the SELECTserver (hosted) license work?

Where did the Data Design, Report Design and Symbol Design tabs go?

In version Ss1, design applications such as Data Design, Report Design and Symbol Design are hidden by default. To re-enable them, uncheck the property: File > System Properties | General | Hide Design Applications.

How do I download gINT from Bentley's website?

Follow the steps outlined in this blog.

How do I login to the Bentley SELECT Server administration console?

Navigate to, then log in using your Bentley Username and Password. Note your Bentley user account needs to have admin privileges.

How do I install gINT v10 Connect Edition?

  1. Download the current recommended release of gINT 10 and gINT Civil Tools by following the steps outlined in this blog. If you hold a license for gINT Pro, then download gINT Civil Tools Professional, or if you have a license for gINT Pro Plus download gINT Civil Tools Pro Plus. If you have a license for gINT Logs, do not download gINT Civil Tools.
  2. Install gINT. 
    1. When the Custom Setup install wizard form appears, generally you should set "gINT Standard User Files" to "Entire feature will be unavailable".  This will eliminate the confusion caused by accidently opening a standard library or data template instead of your company's existing custom files that are probably stored on a file server.
    2. Select the gINT product you are licensed for (Logs, Professional or Professional Plus). [If you pick the wrong gINT product, you will get QTL invoices for the excess use!]
  3. Run gINT by double clicking on the desktop shortcut.
  4. If the license activation wizard doesn't show automatically, then select Help > Activation Wizard...
  5. Select the appropriate server configuration (hosted [most common], node locked, or deployed) and provide your Site Activation Key.
  6. Unless you wish to check out a license, just click Next on the check out screen. If unsure, do not check out a license.
  7. Click finish on the last screen, and wait for the license tool to connect to Bentley's webserver - this can take longer than 10 seconds.
  8. gINT will start
  9. Exit gINT
  10. Open gINT and look in the Help > About gINT menu item. It should now show an active license.
  11. You can change gINT product levels by selecting the other level from the Help menu, e.g. Help > Launch gINT Logs.
  12. If you hold a license for gINT Pro, then install gINT Civil Tools Professional, or if you have a license for gINT Pro Plus install gINT Civil Tools Pro Plus.  If you have a license for gINT Logs, do not install gINT civil tools.
  13. Activate gINT Civil Tools in a similar way as you did gINT, using the same site activation key.

    What are the recommended system properties settings for gINT V8i Ss1 08.30.03.XX?

    Follow the steps outlined in this blog.

    How do I check out a license with SELECTserver?

    Follow the steps described in this PDF.

    How do I manage users on the SELECTserver website?

    Follow the steps described in this PDF.

    I can't download from the SELECTserver website.

    Ask your site administrator to grant you "SELECT Download" rights as described in this PDF.

    Do I need to create a Bentley SELECTServices user for every gINT user?

    No, you only need to add users SELECTServices to allow them to use the SELECT website, e.g. download installation packages.  This is not necessary to run gINT.

    How do I improve the quality of images in PDF outputs?

    Follow the steps described in this PDF.

    I am running Windows 7 or Windows Vista, and I am having trouble running gINT 8.2.

    Follow the steps described in this PDF. (Note: This was written for 8.2)

    I've installed an update of gINT, and when I try to start up gINT, I get an error message stating: "Error, Unexpected error; quitting".

    The first time after installing gINT or a gINT update Right click on the gINT desktop short cut and chose Run as administrator. The Next time you run gINT, simply double click on the gINT icon and run gINT as a normal user.

    I want to install gINT on a Windows Server to use gINT under a Terminal Services environment.

    Read this PDF. (Note: This was written for 8.2, there is no need to redirect the setup.gsh file for V8i 8.3)

    An error message stating "FATAL ERROR, Subscript out of range" displays when gINT starts, when I click OK, gINT closes.

    The most likely problem is the setup.gsh file is corrupt. The Setup.gsh file could be located in the following locations:

    • C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Bentley\gINT\setup.gsh  [V8i 8.3]
    • C:\Program Files\Bentley\gINT\settings\setup.gsh  [8.2.800 or later]
    • C:\Program Files\gINT\settings\setup.gsh  [before 8.2.800]
    • C:\Program Files\gINT\bin\setup.gsh  [before 8.2.800]
    • Another location controlled by a command line argument defined in the desktop/start menu shortcut

    Please rename the setup.gsh file then try opening gINT. gINT will automatically recreate the setup.gsh file if it doesn't exist in the expected location.

    How do I automate the delivery of gINT licenses onto desktops?

    • Use Active Directory Group Policies - Read this PDF, and download this file.


    • Logon Script - Must be using gINT version 8.2.904 or later:
      • Adding registry file (*.reg)
      • Using the command line interface to LicenseToolCmd.exe in a batch/shortcut
      • Example start-up batch job:
        "%ProgramFiles%\Bentley\gINT\bin\LicenseToolCmd.exe" /nowin configure -setting:SelectServer
        "%ProgramFiles%\Bentley\gINT\bin\LicenseToolCmd.exe" /nowin configure -setting:ActivationKey -value:XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
        "%ProgramFiles%\Bentley\gINT\bin\LicenseToolCmd.exe" /nowin configure -setting:Country -value:AU

    I used the product activation wizard program to activate my Bentley product. In the screen where you enter the server name and Site Activation Key, it says in the bottom left corner "Settings stored for: Current User Only". How can I activate a license for all users on a PC?

    To store licensing configuration for all the users, please do the following:

    • Login as the same user you used to activate the software and delete the whole registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Bentley\Licensing (to delete the configuration for the current user only)
    • Locate the LicenseTool.exe executable in the installation folder of gINT (it should be at C:\Program Files\Bentley\gINT\bin), right-click the LicenseTool.exe, choose Run As Administrator, enter admin user credentials if it asks for them. When License Management Tool opens, go to Tools > Options and enter your licensing information, then press OK and close the License Management Tool. Now your licensing configuration is stored for all the users on the machine.

    I get a message stating that gINT cannot locate a gINT library, and if I do not select a library, gINT must exit.

    Go to Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs. Select gINT and click "Change", select a standard set of gINT files in the installation process. Please refer to our blog.

    I want to create a new coordinate system and apply it in gINT and MicroStation

    Follow the steps described in this PDF.

    I have a question that is not answered by this FAQ.

    Please read our technical support page, visit our support forum, then if you issue is still unresolved contact us for assistance.