gINT and Datgel Training Course Online December 2019

gINT and Datgel Online Training Course December 2019 - Europe Timezone

Get productive with this powerful and flexible software solution. Attend 14 hours, and/or do the upgrade training sessions on gINT Civil Tools and/or gINT Pro Plus.

This five day (3 day x 6 hour) online practical course, and will cover topics for beginner to advanced users. The course begins each day at 9:00 am GMT, 10:00 am CET and concludes 7 hours later with a one-hour break midway. To see the time in your city click here.

Using gINT and Datgel Software

9AM GMT Monday 9 to 12:00 PM GMT Wednesday 11 December 2019

This training will focus on every day user applications within gINT, gINT Civil Tools (GCT), DGD Tool Professional, Fence & Map Tool, Output Tool and CPT Tool. The instructor will take the class through input, output, some aspects of utilities applications, import/export of Excel and AGS Format data, and gINT Civil Tools.

For more experienced users, the course explores the power of filters, scripts, import/export, using the gINT drawing editor, site map, alignments, fence drapes, surface generation, gINT Civil Tools, and the basics of the CPT Tool.

Prerequisite: User skills with Windows, MS Office, and basic understanding of site investigations.

Recommended for: Engineers, Scientists and CAD Operators.


The fee for this segment is (Early bird price if booked by 27 November COB): 

  • EUR 630 early bird rate, thereafter EUR 693
  • GBP 540 early bird rate, thereafter GBP 594
  • US$ 700 early bird rate, thereafter US$ 770

gINT Civil Tools and gINT Pro Plus with SQL Server Upgrade Training

Perhaps you attended one of Datgel's courses in the past and would like to learn the new aspects - gINT Civil Tools and/or gINT Pro Plus with SQL Server?  You can sign up for only these sessions 
  • gINT Civil Tools - 9:00 am GMT to approx 12:00 pm GMT Wednesday 11 December
  • SQL Server and gINT Professional Plus - 13:00 pm GMT to approx 16:00 pm GMT Wednesday 11 December

Prerequisite: Prior attendance of either a 5 hour gINT & Datgel Workshop, a 14 hour Using gINT and Datgel Software Course, or gINT & Datgel Training Course Day 1: Fundamentals of gINT.

Recommended for: Engineers, Scientists and CAD Operators.


The fee for each upgrade segment is (Early bird price if booked by 27 November COB): 

  • EUR 140 early bird rate, thereafter EUR 154
  • GBP 120 early bird rate, thereafter GBP 132
  • US$ 150 early bird rate, thereafter US$ 165


Register Now!

To reserve your place, register now by completing the course registration form and email it to Registration closes on 5 December. If you have questions about this course, please feel free to contact Datgel. Applicable taxes will be charged.

Meet the Trainer

The course will be presented by Phil Wade, a geotechnical engineer and expert in gINT with more than 20 years' experience with geotechnical data management, using gINT to its maximum potential, gINT training, and gINT Add-In development.

Datgel License

Attendees' organisations will need to sign a Datgel contract for software and services if not already signed, and will be extended a one month evaluation license of the DGD Tool Professional, Fence and Map Tool, Output Tool and CPT Tool.

PC and Peripheral Requirements

Attendees are recommended to use dual monitors and a computer headset for the best learning experience. They should know the local administrator password for the PC or login is a local administrator during the course. Details will be provided on the necessary installation procedures prior to the course.  Either gINT Professional or Professional Plus license activated, or a laptop that has never had a Bentley Systems license activated. 

Datgel may provide a virtual machine to students.  Further details will be provided closer to the course.