Grapher by Golden Software

The Fastest, Easiest Way to Produce Your Technical Graphs.

The most sophisticated graphing package available, providing the professional quality you need with the flexibility you want.

Grapher is the ultimate technical graphing package available. This easy-to-use, powerful, dynamic program will help you create superior publication-quality professional graphs in minutes! Wow your audience every time they see your graphs.

Create one of more than 60 unique graph types. Create 2D or 3D line, scatter, function, class scatter, bubble, step, vector, bar charts, and floating bar chart graphs. Create line, scatter, class scatter, vector, bar, rose, wind, and radar polar plots. Create line, scatter, class scatter, or bubble ternary diagrams. Display high-low-close, candlestick, or stiff diagram specialty plots. Create statistical graphs including box-whisker plots, 2D and 3D histograms, 2D and 3D pie charts, 2D and 3D doughnut plots, Q-Q plots, and normal Q-Q plots. Alter any portion of the graph, axes, or plot for complete control of your display.

Simple Customisations

Making changes to your graphs is easy. The new default properties allow you to save common settings for each graph type and each object that you make in Grapher. The tabbed property inspector allows you to make all changes to your graph immediately, without pressing an Apply button or even opening a dialog box in most situations. Some of the changes that can be made to your graph include:

  • change all line properties, including width, colour, and style.
  • change all fill properties, including style, foreground colour, background colour, and transparency.
  • change colours of any object by selecting a predefined colour, a gradient fill colour, or creating a custom colour.
  • move plot labels with the mouse to avoid overlapping, add error bars, fit curves, confidence intervals, titles, and legends.
  • change tick marks, tick spacing, or tick labels
  • control the rows and columns used to create the curve separately from the rows and columns used to create the labels.
  • eliminate unwanted data on a graph by using clipping limits created from worksheet numbers or text.
  • edit multiple graphs or multiple objects at once for easier across-the-board changes.

Faster and Easier

Grapher makes it easier to access your data than ever before! With a click of a button, you can open your data file in the Grapher worksheet or create a graph directly from your data file. Grapher supports several popular data formats, including complete compatibility with Microsoft Excel, Microsoft SLK, and ASCII text.

New to Grapher? Try the Graph Wizard to create your graphs. All you have to do is select the plot type and data file and let Grapher do the rest! Do you create the same type of graph on a regular basis? If so, using a template to store graph preferences will save you time, money, and energy. In addition, the same format will be used for every graph, every time - making comparing graphs effortless.

Tired of continually updating your graphs manually? Automate it! Use Grapher's powerful scripting language to create or alter graphs. Grapher can be called from Golden Software's Scripter program, Visual Basic, Visual C++, or any other OLE Automation compliant language, including Excel and Access. Complete the creation of all of your repetitive tasks with a single click of your mouse.