Datgel Security Tool

Security Tool 2

The Datgel Security Tool gINT Add-In provides greater control over editing and deletion of data based on the status of PointIDs and test results. It can restrict access to gINT commands. In addition, it allows the database administrator to build a customisable gINT user interface based on the needs of particular users, by hiding applications groups, table groups, tables and fields.

Using the Approve Tool, the database administrator can set the status for selected PointIDs, test results, and monitoring readings.

The security levels are based on user groups defined for each user and computer combination. The security definition is made in gINT library tables.

Using the Secure Export Tool automatically limit what data is exported to a third party.

Version 2 New Features

  • Single User Hardware Key support for Win 8, Win 8.1 and Server 2012
  • .NET 4.5 and code optimisation
  • Incorporation of Secure Export Tool

Control Access

Assign access rights to project files, gINT applications and commands, tables and individual PointIDs or lab results, based on windows user name and security groups.

Defining user groups (click for larger image)

User denied access to modifying data (click for larger image)

Table and Table Group Visibility

Define table and table group visibility based on user group and project type.

Assigning Access Rights to Tables (click for larger image)

Linked Databases

Synchronise pick lists and sitemaps across multiple gINT project files easily using the Linked Database functionality.

Approve Tool

Set the Status, Approved By and Approved Date information for select PointIDs, test results and monitoring readings.

Approve Tool (click for larger image)

Secure Export Tool

The Datgel Secure Export Tool is a program that can be scheduled to repair and compact gINT files, export gINT project files, AGS files, excel files and text files containing only the data that has been approved or that was approved in a configurable time period, all in one automated process.

Key Features:

  • Export gINT project files (gpj), ags, csv, txt, xls, and xlsx
  • Configure exported files names
  • Filter exported data based on status and approved date
  • Export site maps, surfaces, and drapes to gINT project files
  • Repair/compact all gINT databases (gpj, glb, gdt, gsf) in a folder or drive
  • Convert project files
  • Zip exported files, and control zip file name
  • Drop (delete) tables and fields in exported gINT project files
  • Detailed log of all processes
  • Detailed log may be emailed

The Secure Export Tool is fully user configurable and can be executed as a scheduled task to run each night if required.

The Datgel Secure Export Tool has been tested to meet all the technical requirements to be compatible with Windows 7.