Datgel Administrator Tools

Administrator Tools 3.1

The Datgel Administrator Tools gINT Add-In consists of nine tools that provide powerful functionalities and capabilities to your existing gINT system.

Key Features

  1. AGS Format Tool: Developer tools to help with the support of AGS Format within gINT.
  2. Convert Projects Tool: Convert gINT access projects with extended options.
  3. Excel Export Tool: Facilitates the export of data from gINT to a formatted excel template.
  4. Export Tool: Exports data to several files types, either one file per PointID or all PointIDs in one file, and allows the user to define a filter.
  5. Find or Set Property Tool: Find or Set the property of a database, table or field in gINT
  6. Import Correspondence File to Field Map: Converts a gci file into a csv file in the format needed by DATA DESIGN | Project Database | Tools > Replace Field Names.
  7. Import Tool: Batch imports data files in the formats: AGS, GPJ, MDB, XLSX/XLS, CSV, RMS ENCORE CSV, and VicRoads Excel Log XLSX/XLS.
  8. Lookup List Check Tool: Checks all tables and fields in the gINT project for lookups and verifies the value with the lookup source.
  9. SQL Tool: Builds and executes SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE SQL statements.

New in Version 3.1

  • AGS Format Tool.
  • Excel Export Tool.
  • Import Correspondence File to Field Map Tool.
  • Import Tool.
  • Single User Hardware Key support for Win 8, Win 8.1 and Server 2012.
  • Support for enterprise database / SQL Server in all tools.

How It Works

Once installed you simply select the Datgel Administrator Tools from the gINT INPUT Add-Ins Menu.

AGS Format Tool

The AGS Format Tool helps developers to support AGS format in gINT. It reads the Excel data dictionary file in the structure used by the AGS Committee in the UK, and produces files that a gINT developer needs to create correspondence files and test correspondence files. Further, it generates a gINT AGS Scheme file (*.gas) which otherwise is very hard to generate, and will strip continuation lines out of AGS 3.1 files to assist a developer with testing.

Import Tool

Convert Projects Tool

The Convert Projects Tool does a similar task to the native gINT command UTILITES | Convert Project, but provides the option to search folders and sub-folders for gINT projects and list the contents of a field on a Project level table which could store the version number of the project file. This tool was designed to help a company gINT Administrators manage the data template file versions of gINT projects stored in many folders on a file server.

Excel Export Tool

The Excel Export Tool facilitates the export of data from gINT to a formatted excel template. Configuration for what data is exported and where it is places is stored in an XML file. Useful to generate lab testing schedules in Excel.

Export Tool

The Datgel Export Tool is designed to export most gINT exportable data formats to either individual files or all in one file. In addition the Tool allows the user to write a SQL query or use a pick to define the PointID to export.

The file formats supported are:

  • Text (*.csv, *.dat, *.txt).
  • Excel (*.xls, *.xlsx, *.xlsm).
  • Database (*.gpj, *.mdb).
  • AGS (*.ags).

Find or Set Property Tool

The Find and Set Property Tool is designed to search, display and set the properties of fields, tables and database using filters or globally. These properties are not always accessible through gINT.

Import Correspondence File to Field Map Tool

Converts a gci file into a csv file in the format needed by DATA DESIGN | Project Database | Tools > Replace Field Names. Unless your gci file is very simple, you will need to open to csv file in Excel and make manual changes before using the field map data.

Import Tool

Import Tool

The import tool allows for the import of one or many data files in the standard gINT supported formats of AGS, database excel and CSV. Further it includes import support for the RMS ENCORE Lab data file used by the Roads and Maritime Service in NSW Australia, and the VicRoads Excel Borehole log file used by VicRoads in Victoria Australia.

Import Tool

Lookup List Check Tool

The Datgel Lookup List Check Tool scans the current project's fields to see if the field requires a lookup, compares the values in the fields with the values in the lookup source, and then writes any problems to a text file. This tool is useful when checking if an imported data is compatible or compliant with the lookup lists in the current database/library, and is also useful for checking the integrity and validity of the existing data in the database.

This tool was designed to validate Data interchange standard pick lists, such as those for AGS RTA Format.

Import Tool

SQL Tool

SQL Tool can display the results of SELECT SQL queries and executes other query types such as UPDATE, INSERT and DELETE. You also can export the result of an SQL statement to an Excel file.