Geo Web Publisher

Bentley Geo Web Publisher

Easily Author and Deploy Web GIS Applications

Take advantage of high-performance publishing to integrate a variety of data sources, author and administer Web sites, and maximize the value of your geospatial information.

Bentley Geo Web Publisher enables a wide range of applications such as municipal information systems, image or drawing archives, map-based navigational sites, project sites, and public information portals. Integrated vector and image server engines publish hybrid vector/raster datasets and a wide range of formats, making it easy to incorporate drawings, maps, models, aerial photography, and images within custom browser presentations.

Bentley Geo Web Publisher Screens

Features list:

  • Multiple Publishing Options.
  • Fully Featured User Environment.
  • Data Integration.
  • Map Viewer Client.
  • Support of OGC Standards: WMS and WFS.
  • Advanced Query and Reporting.
  • Thematic Mapping.
  • Printing and Plotting.
  • Dynamic Hyperlink Creation.
  • High Performance, Quality Publishing.
  • Site Authoring.
  • Map Authoring.
  • Simple Administration.